Fasciotens - Therapy of the Open Abdomen

Fasciotens Helps with the Open Abdomen - Increase the Odds, Reduce the Risks

Various conditions like severe infections, postoperative complications, or injuries require the abdomen to be left open. This therapy can be life-saving, e.g., in cases of abdominal compartment syndrome. The major consequence, however, is retraction of the abdominal wall, which often makes delayed closure impossible. Our approach to the open abdomen, which holds the abdominal wall in tension and increases intra-abdominal volume, is simple but new.

Reduce treatment time, save costs.

In collaboration with a medical technology manufacturer, we developed Fasciotens®: an external device that keeps the abdominal fascia in a state of tension while also increasing abdominal volume. The high mortality associated with this clinical picture, up to 50%, should be substantially lowered by earlier closure. In addition, duration of treatment in the intensive care unit, and thus costs, are reduced.
Use of the Fasciotens retractor made abdominal closure significantly easier. In addition, undesirable side effects such as skin pressure damage from the device supports (despite markedly more difficult anatomic conditions for pigs vs. humans) have been excluded.

Application for Newborn Abdomens

For the future, a unit is planned for use on neonatal abdomens for abdominal wall defects and on the back, primarily for optimization of treatment after spinal infection.

Fasciotens - the ideal solution for abdominal surgery


Medical problem

Retraction of the abdominal wall in the open abdomen

Bauchwandfaszien nach einer Operation mit offenem Abdomen

  • Insufficient intra-abdominal space
  • Fascial apposition not possible
  • Retraction of the abdominal wall fascia


Development of a course to abdominal closure

Bauchwandfaszien, Entwicklung eines Zuges

  • Increasing the intra-abdominal volume
  • Holding the abdominal wall fascia in tension
  • Preventing retraction of the abdominal wall fascia


Combination of our device with vacuum therapy

Kombination unseres Gerätes mit Unterdrucktherapie


Founding Team

The team consists of Dr. Gereon Lill, senior physician at the Department of Surgery at St. Elisabeth’s Hospital in Cologne, and Dr. Frank Beyer, senior physician at the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery of the Marien Hospital Bergisch Gladbach.
(Photo left to right:) Dr. Gereon Lill and Dr. Frank Beyer)

2nd place: NUK competition 2016: ``Fasciotens``

The NUK jury says:
“The product is developed from clinical practice and meets an immense need. The product is distinguished by a high degree of innovation.”


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