Case Reports

Case study 1: fasciotens with sterile foil cover


  • transverse laparotomy (fasciotens technique can also be used here)
  • patient with pancreatitis and duodenal leakage
  • 3 weeks abdomen apertum, 14 cm fascia distance, then closure with fasciotens

Case study 2: fasciotens with NPWT


  • condition after right hemicolectomy and HIPEC for appendiceal carcinoma
  • 18 days abdomen apertum, 11 cm fascia distance
  • after 5 days closure with fasciotens

Case study 3: fasciotens with NPWT


  • patient with retroperitoneal hemorrhage (hemorrhaged bowel)
  • eventeration reducible under fasciotens therapy
  • fascial closure after 6 days

Case study 4: Recovery of the abdominal wall


  • acute pancreatitis
  • after 7 days abdomen apertum the fascial distance was 26 cm
  • after another 21 days residual distance 5 cm, fascial closure according to Ramirez

Case study 5: Awake patient with spinal anaesthesia (PDA)


  • fasciotens is also applicable in awake patients!
  • abdomen apertum in stooly 4-quadrant peritonitis due to perforated appendicitis
  • initial fascia distance 13 cm, direct fascia closure after 6 days