Erste laparoskopische fasciotens-Anwendung Schweiz

In the picture from left to right: Dr. Pascal Jeanmonod, Prof. Dieter Berger, Dr. Gereon Lill, Dr. Dietmar Eucker.

Prof. Dr. Berger reports in detail:

First laparoscopic application of standardized fascial traction provided by fasciotens for a recurrent umbilical, an epigastric hernia and a rectus diastasis between 6 and 7 cm from below the umbilicus to the xiphoid. We performed a minimal-invasive stapler-assisted reconstruction of the midline, closing the anterior and posterior sheet and augmenting the reconstruction with a retromuscular 15 x 28 cm PVDF-based mesh which could be easily visualized and 3-dimensionally reconstructed by MRI. The traction was applied for 20 min, but lead to a complete adaption of the midline already after 5 min. The stapler could be applied much easier compared to our experience in previous procedures without traction!

Thanks a lot to Dr. Dietmar Eucker for developping the technique of fascial traction and to Dr. Gereon Lill and his team of fasciotens for providing a sophisticated machine for easy use even in laparo-/endoscopic procedures!!!

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