(Photo left to right: Dr. Gereon Lill and Dr. Frank Beyer)

Founding team

A Development by Surgeons for Surgeons!

Fasciotens was founded in 2016 by the two surgeons, Dr. Gereon Lill and Dr. Frank Beyer, with the vision to radically modernize and improve care of the open abdomen.

After several years of development and successful preclinical testing, the company can now present Fasciotens® Abdomen as its first product. During the development and founding phase, the company has also received several awards.

Successful preclinical results were introduced as free presentations at the WCACS Congress, Banff (Canada) in June 2017 and the Congress of Visceral Medicine in Dresden in September 2017. Beginning in Fall 2018, Fasciotens® Abdomen will be available on the market as a CE certified and sterile product.

Second place NUK business plan competition
in June 2016

The NUK jury says:
“The product is developed from clinical practice and meets an immense need. The product is distinguished by a high degree of innovation.”

Third place Science4Life Venture Cup
in June 2017

Headquarters in Essen

Moltkeplatz 1 | 45138 Essen
Tel. +49 201 99 999 630
Fax. +49 201 99 999 639

Branch in Cologne

Aachener Str. 1053-1055 | 50858 Cologne
Tel. +49 221 177 38 500
Fax. +49 221 177 38 549